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Who We Are

Black Wolf Protective Services, inc. is a security training and consulting company. We provide training, consulting, and risk/threat assessment to law enforcement agencies, fire and EMS agencies, hospitals, medical offices, schools, colleges, and churches. We have been in business for over 15 years and have served a wide variety of clients in government and the private sector. We help you deliver critical services in a challenging and changing world in the most effective manner possible. Our training will help you identify and reduce risk, develop effective response options, plan for continuity of service following a crisis, and reduce your civil liability. As part of the community, we know the problem, as part of those who serve and protect, we know the solutions that work.

Our Staff

At BWPS, we pride ourselves on maintaining the finest and most qualified instructor trainers in the industry. All our staff are subjected to extensive background investigations and are recognized as not just qualified but experts in their respective fields. Each trainer has not only completed all necessary professional training requirements related to certification in their teaching topic, but all instructors have "served" in high liability roles and have "walked the walk" before talking the talk. This boots on the street approach to training and our unique combination of tactically proven and court defensible training is what sets us apart.


Bill Wysong

Mr. Wysong joined the Black Wolf corporate family in 2006 and serves as vice president in charge of tactical training after a well defined and rewarding career in law enforcement. Mr. Wysong worked and excelled in all phases of police work and supervision with a specialty in tactical response and officer survival training. Wysong has personally constructed and delivered thousands of hours of tactical training for over 20 years to police, military and security as well as corporate clients and health care professionals and private citizens nationwide and recently worldwide. His personal accomplishments include over 25 years of law enforcement, security and emergency service experience receiving more than 3,800 hours of high liability training and 15 separate instructor certifications. Some of Bill's widely recognized areas of expert instruction include a wide variety of dynamic, street proven and court defensible training courses in subject control and self defense, mechanics of arrest, chemical munitions, impact weapons, handcuffing and restraint, street drug interdiction, officer survival, high risk apprehension, workplace violence, critical incident response, emergency preparedness, corporate security, and health/mental health care courses and many other occupational safety, and personal survival courses. An expert witness in both police and civilian use of force, Wysong's experience and recognition have played a defining role in enhancing survival on the street and in the courtroom for thousands of Emergency Response personnel and their employers. Bill has taught in six college systems and serves as trainer and consultant to over twenty government agencies, major corporations and private business entities. Through unmatched experience, maturity and enthusiasm, Bill leads the pack of Black Wolf staff toward excellence and mission success.

BWPS Cooperative training opportunities:

A defining success of Black Wolf Protective Services ability to provide the very best in dynamic training and expert consulting at affordable prices is the corporate model of our "service referral program". In short, if you know of a training need for your organization and/or a third entity, we will through contractual agreement, pay you for the lead. We can (respective of organizational policy and applicable law) employ you as an on-site training assistant or pay you a straight "finders fee". Every year we pay out thousands of dollars in legally structured fees and compensatory pay.

Employment with BWPS:

Another secret to our success both in mission and in reputation is the unique ability we have to provide the exact training our customers need in the manner, location and time frame they need it. Flexible training dates and times combine with creative implementation such as during role calls, overlaps and small cell group training set us apart from other trainers and create "little or no affect on manning or overtime pay". We accomplish this and so much more through our "adjunct and assistant instructor programs". The Black Wolf staff of Master Instructors, each of whom coordinates and services each contract, have great latitude in the method and delivery of training services. This allows us the luxury of minimizing personnel overhead at the corporate level which creates savings for the customer. Each Master Instructor is responsible for "sub contracting" with other expert instructors on an as needed basis. These positions vary and can include both lead and assistant trainer roles. These adjunct positions can earn a minimum of $250.00 per day and can bring $1,500.00+ a day depending on the contract. The real asset here is "subject and geographic expertise". When we get a contract, we make every attempt to bring in not only trainers who are experts in that particular field or occupation but through our vast adjunct network, instructors who live and work in the area and are keenly aware of subtle and particular needs based on local laws and community trends.

If you are interested in being added to our database of "adjunct instructors", please attach and e-mail us a "brief" list of your qualifications and instructional interests. Upon mutual contract interest we will need a resume and releases for background investigation prior to a a training opportunity. Please respond to